Reborn Supplements

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Brand Identity


Reborn Supplements is an elite sports nutrition company that strives to offer the ideal boost to your workout performance without the use of harmful artificial ingredients.


So how do you create a brand that connects to the fitness enthusiast in such a way that it removes the “unnatural” stigma that some of the performance-enhancing supplements have? You create a simple yet appealing imagery that transparently communicates both the ingredients and also the purpose of the product. The foundation of the Reborn brand is built around the focus you attain during a workout, the power you exult in the gym and sense of accomplishment when overcoming a personal record.


In order to communicate this to the customers we’ve combined the identity of the Greek Gods into the products themselves. We wanted people to feel a connection between the benefits of the products and the powers of the almighty Greeks. Everything started to fall into place and combining the products to the right God became a fun experience for both us and the client. 

Lord of the seas, Poseidon has the power to awaken and suppress storms, to generate temblor and crush stones.

Ruler of the Underworld, the fierce and relentless Hades hears and fulfills men’s oaths and curses with an unwavering will.

Father of men, Zeus holds the thunder and lightning in his hand, gathers the clouds, avenges those who suffered from injustice.