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Brand Identity





Lipofreeze promises a revolutionary way to lose fat without surgery, pain and downtime.


Our main aim was to create an approachable image, something that is easily digested by the potential customer. We created a brand that communicates not only professionalism but also feels approachable. We branched the creation of the brand into two sets of designs. The first contact with the brand would most likely be the website and that is the reason why we opted for a more simple and easy to digest design. This creates an oxymoron when compared to the more complex designs and layouts found in the flyers and brochures. Because these are materials that are read by customers who already have made contact with the company, more information and details can be added.


We’re happy to say that our strategy and design approach has helped Lipofreeze become one of the leading companies in their field all across West Yorkshire. We will continue to help improve upon what has already been a great success.

vouchers on table next to candle and flower vase
multiple open book flyers