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Brand Identity



Building a brand that suggests confidence was our main aim when creating the image for Keiser.

With over 15 years experience, Keiser prides itself with remaining a family run business that can still offer hi-quality kitchens, offices and bedrooms with affordable prices. We soon realised that we wanted to create something that quickly removes any traces of doubt when choosing Keiser. Their attention to detail and emotionally attachment to their craft made us want to communicate just that; Keiser not only has the skills to create exquisite furniture but they also live in the real world, advising customers on what works, what doesn’t, what they need and where they can save money without diminishing the overall image of their purchase.

Balancing the affordable vibe with the hi-quality offering was a challenge. We soon realised that a hi-class look would suit the brand best with the soon to follow realisation that it is indeed affordable not only for the middle class but also for the lower class individual. This stuck across both printing material, digital ads and website.

Keiser has seen an increase of 15% in sales ever since the launch of the website. Having an easy to access web catalog of what can be achieved was crucial in order for the business to achieve the next level.

signage for a kitchen company on a black building
man with safety glasses cutting wood with care
brand identity developed for keiser kitchens and bedrooms
iphone x website showcase
open magazine showcasing smart design concepts for kitchens