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The words “Kashish; King of Curry” are words that the customers holds close to their hearts and these are synonymous with a high quality eating experience.

The history demanded us to create something special, something that would speak to the Kashish values; A brand that keeps the heritage from the past but strives to communicate progress.

In 1881 the premises were occupied by Anthony Bell and Sons, marble masons and sculptors, whose unique marble chimney pots still adorn many in at the property in Lancashire. The building has always been architecturally significant because of its Venetian style which is unique in this area of Lancaster and it was to this backdrop that in the early 90’s the property was bought back to life by the current management’s family members who began trading as “The Nawab Balti House”.

During the late 90s, a new chef took over the restaurant and traded for a short period, a decision was then taken to stop trading and the building was closed, this was a sad time for the people of Lancaster who had now become close friends and regular customers.

Open menu next to fork and spoon in a folded tissue