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Prosper Academy is an independent tutoring academy aimed at students who are looking to improve their grades. Covering a wide variety of subjects from English, Mathematics and Science to Chemistry, Physics and Biology, Prosper Academy has become a staple in Yorkshire tutoring with grades being improved every year and students finding their lost love for learning.

The story of Prosper Academy is quite the script:

Soon after enrolling, Azhar realised that fellow students would come to him for a more friendly and easy explanation of the class they just took part of. He soon realised that he could learn everything by himself and more importantly that he enjoyed teaching others. The answer came easy, drop out of college and build an academy that would not only teach students, but make them enjoy the process of learning.

We knew that we wanted to create something that would resonate to the Prosper Academy spirit and would help their vision come to life. The meetings we had with the teachers and the classes we saw made us understand this vision even more; it not only helped us develop a unique brand identity system with a custom font, color pallet and iconography but it also made us aware of how important our work will soon improve the academy.

Open menu next to fork and spoon in a folded tissue