Flight Without Wings

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Brand Identity



Flight Without Wings has a short yet impressive history. The company became the official sponsor of Football Club Barcelona in 2016 but unfortunately the deal was scuppered by a legal challenge from a competitor. After winning the legal battle, Flight Without Wings official launched in 2018 and has since grown into a recognizable energy drink brand. 

With such an impressive background we were excited to help Flight Without Wings with one of their initial campaigns. We created an image which ensured their values were brought to life across all elements. The sense of power can easily be felt in our approach and we’re delighted that the company agreed with our vision.

We wanted to emphasize on the can design when delivering the campaign and so we made it share the center stage along side the main tagline of the company “Better Without Wings”.

Energy drinks have a bad rep when it comes to their ingredients. When we learned that the drink was not only alcohol free but also suitable for vegans, we knew we wanted to emphasize that. That’s why we created a set of icons that can blend with the designs and also act as an easter egg for those with an eye for detail.

light and dark poster design at the metro station in London
newspaper advert in the corner
dark horse on a yellow background with icons