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Brand Identity



Easy2Pay has the simple goal of helping their customers upgrade their home with the option of weekly payments.

From our research we quickly realised that an image with a friendly and cosy feel to it will suit the company best; A simple brand that has the neighborhood vibe but distinguishes itself from a cheap brand. Once we knew the direction we wanted to go for, creating the voice for the brand came relatively easy. We aimed at a simplistic message that is easy and quick to understand.

This approach carried over when creating the visual aspect of the brand. The big bold text and the charming iconography is not only meant to communicate professionalism but also a sense of community. This company was literally created by the people for the people.

Notice: The website has since been changed by the customer and whilst most of our core work is still present we believe it does not blend with our initial research and creative vision. Thus we decided to not have a “Visit Website” button for this particular project.

Brand Identity created for Easy 2 Pay
Easy 2 Pay Phone and Business Card Design
man wearing company polo shirt