Day & Night

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Brand Identity

Day & Night like to refer themselves as a “guilty pleasure” corner. Their knowledge and love for doughnuts, cakes and milkshakes combined with their unrivaled sense of humor made us want to create a brand that is true to their personality.


Based on the popular american dinner from back in the 1940s, the brand was created with the purpose of making you truly enjoy your “sweet dreams” regardless of the hour you choose to do so.


We also wanted to create a brand that communicates a fun, cool and relaxing vibe, a brand that doesn’t take itself to serious but still maintains it’s professionalism and reliability. When building the messaging our aim was to make the products feel alive, thus we created catchphrases that make you believe that the sweets are truly their for your entertainment (below are just some examples of these headlines).

Day & Night pin up rock girl enjoying a glass of milkshake

Day & Night provides sweet dreams to our fun and happy customers with a passionate voice and bubbly attitude. We only do three things but boy we do em’ well. You don’t have to believe us, we’re here to convince you!

Day & Night Doughnuts messaging
Day & Night Doughnut bite
Day & Night girls drinking milkshake after shopping
Day & Night Milkshake messaging
Day & Night Cupcakes messaging
Purple cupcakes sprinkled with hearts
Day & Night cute girl enjoying milkshake.
Day & Night Doughnuts in a box