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Brand Identity



Artistry Academy offers a wide range of services; an Award Winning Academy that will teach you all of the top industry techniques in bridal hair and makeup, a clean cut Asian clothing line and a place to plan your most memorable day.

The creation of the Artistry brand had a simple goal: achieve something simple yet classy, something that would work in tandem with the services provided by Artistry.

Having shared the same mindset, the process was a smooth one. After the creation of the print material we quickly moved on to the online presence of the brand. The small budget was quickly overshadowed by the clients enthusiasm and cooperation; we were pleased to see that the Artistry owner appreciated our efforts to create something professional and easy to manage.

Our client specifically requested an easy to edit layout that could be changed or edited by anyone at anytime. We had a blast working with Artistry and we’re happy to say that our efforts helped them take their next step into their business journey.