5 Essential Branding Materials For Any Business On A Budget

We’ve created the “5 Essential Branding Materials For Any Business On A Budget” article in order to help businesses achieve their true potential.


If you had to select 5 Essential Branding Materials at the start of your journey these are the things to consider getting first.

Brand Identity

Boom Bowl Brand by Anagrama

We’re not just talking about the logo but the whole message and feel of the company. Everything from copywriting, colors, fonts and their relation to one another, iconography and of course your logo.


Basic Print

Day& Night Doughnuts with Business Card on a wood plate

Day & Night Business Card

Whilst a 20ft long banner in the city center might be a great way to get attention, if you’re just starting out, you might not be comfortable with spending this much. What you can afford are a few hundred business cards. Imagine you tell someone about what you’re offering and their actually interesting. Popping out a business card looks much more professional than asking for a phone number. If sending letters is an important part of your business, then having a letterhead designed (not necessarily printed) to send via email or to print on your own printer will help with that.


Social Media

Prosper Academy Instagram 

Gone are the days where having a website and buying a digital ad was the only way to have a presence online. A lot of businesses opt for a Facebook page and/or an Instagram account because that’s the only thing they need. Social media made it so easy to advertise, share and communicate with customers, it actually makes sense for some to concentrate exclusively on these platforms. Regardless if you opt for a website or not social media is a must!


Responsive Website

tablet and phone versions of a website

Flight Without Wings Responsive Website

However…if you can afford a website then go for it. Having a portfolio, explaining in depth what your services are or selling is just better on a website. There’s something about having a good website that reassures your potential customer that you know what you’re doing and you’re not only trying to make a quick buck.


Website’s still out of reach, huh? Get the DOMAIN & EMAIL!

Colorful mail boxes with illsutrations


If you feel like a website is still a bit too much, there is always the possibility of getting a domain name for your company and redirecting it to your Facebook account. Whatever you do, make sure you get the domain regardless. You never know when you decide to get a website so it’s better to keep that domain safe and not lose it to someone else who thought of the same name as you. Another advantage is that you can actually use it on the business card. Because it’s redirected to your Facebook page, your customer still has the chance to learn more about you. Nowadays you can get a professional email to accompany that domain (info@yourdomain.com) for quite cheap so there no reason for you not to do it. That email is also a must to help you gather potential customers emails in a newsletter box.


IMPORTANT! Research & Strategy

Before you decide to spend anything on any of the above make sure you have a reason for getting it. That’s where strategy comes into play. Most branding agencies nowadays offer this service. It can be the difference between having a successful business or not, so you should at least consider the benefits of getting such a service. Hell, I would argue that there is no point in getting anything before your agency does strategy with you. A website or fancy logo won’t do anything for your company unless there’s a purpose behind it.


Just to summerise.

We hope that “5 essential branding materials for any business on a budget” helped you in some way or another. If you’re starting with a low budget then a business card, the domain name accompanied by that professional email and one or two social media platforms are good enough for your first few steps. Once you’ve gained a few customers then I would suggest you invest in a well thought out brand identity and a responsive website.

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